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Santa Giulia

Chiesa di Santa Giulia



The building that, at present, is the parish church of Padria, was rebuilt and opened for the cult in 1520 by the Baron De Ferrera and by the bishop of Bosa, Pietro De Sena, at the same time as other building interventions were carried out in those years in the "villa" of Padria.
The church is built on three plants of cult that can be traced back to early Paleo-Christian time, with a monumentalised and honoured Byzantine tomb, with a single nave and Medieval church, with a three nave basilica. This structural context that is preserved underneath the church from the 6th century and which is a witness of how intense and important the cult activity and administration was in Padria, is moreover stratified, without caesuras on top of living and funeral contexts from Roman time, preceding the affirmation and the diffusion of the Christian religion and cult.
The articulated complex is visible inside the actual nave and is legible in a didactic. The architectonic structures and the decorative ornamentation of the actual Gothic-Aragonese church are of great fascination, and have recently been restored.



Chiesa di Santa Giulia - facciata
Chiesa di Santa Giulia - vista laterale
Chiesa di Santa Giulia - di notte
Scavi archeologici all'interno della chiesa di Santa Giulia
Panoramica 360° dell'interno della chiesa di Santa Giulia
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