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San Sebastiano

Vista laterale della chiesa di San Sebastiano


Near the Roman bridge of Ulumos, in between sweet valleys, stands the church of San Sebastiano. The building that is completely preserved was built in simple architectonical forms, after a single nave plant. The facade is with a double drooping, the apse preserves a characteristic window with only one opening of a triangular light. The ornaments of the walls, made in calcareous tiles, have preserved remains of plaster.

Angius in 1800's writes about this church: "the chapel of San Sebastiano was constructed as a vow by a particular family in the last plague epidemic". The writer remembers that, apart from that, the church was not in use in his time. San Sebastiano was, in fact like all the other country churches in the territory of Padria, deconsecrated in the first half of the 1800's on the wish of the bishop of Bosa, Mons. Concas, after that it had become a place of refuge for criminals.

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