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Santu Saturinu

The structures of San Saturnino are an integrating part of an archaeological context in several layers, with the witness of human presence from Nuragic time (2nd millennium b. C.) until The Late Middle Ages.

The church that is at present in the neighbourhood of Padria, was originally a meeting place for the inhabitants of "Musidano", a medieval "villa", that was already abandoned in 1436.

Built in a pseudoisodoma work, with carved stones in sandstone and trachyte, preserves the elevated facade and in the first part of the foundation, the outer walls of the nave. From the entrance with the cult room, underlined by two pointed arches on the outside and round arches on the inside, still remains the doorstep in limestone. In one of the carved stones of the fa栤e you can see some incisions, representing the sun and the moon.

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