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Nuraghe Longu

Nuraghe Longu


The monument, which is "bilobato" with lateral additions, presents a beautiful brick ornament in polygonal blocks of basalt put in regular rows.

The entrance to the castle tower, in a trapezoidal light with a small emptying window above, leads into a corridor with an ogive roof, bevelled towards the inside that leads to the room with a round plant and a tholos roof. On the right of the room a niche opens, on the left the stairs that lead to the floor above, of which only a few rows remain. On the side of the stairs, to the south-east, a big window with an architrave opens up. In front of the main tower, in a period after the building of the nuraghe, to the right a strong wall and to the left two towers that face each other in a small yard have been placed against the nuraghe.

The remains of an extended village from the same period as the nuraghe and structures that can be traced back to historical time are clearly visible around it.



Panoramica 360° del nuraghe Longu
Nuraghe Longu
Veduta del villaggio attorno al nuraghe Longu
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