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Palazzo Baronale

Panoramica 360° del palazzo baronale di Palattu


The site of Palattu is situated on the hill of San Paolo that together with the hills of San Pietro and of San Giuseppe, limits the town of Padria.

The hill presents two terraces on which a very imposing terracing wall in big blocks of basalt and a series of structures with a part of the high ones are clearly visible. These ruins can be traced back to the Baron's palace of the family De Ferrera, wherefrom the place name of Palattu stems.
The modest height of San Paolo, that with its imposing monumental sticking out has always gotten the attention even of the most distracted traveller arriving in Padria, has on the other side always represented a privileged place for the control of the town and of the surrounding territory. Even in post Medieval time the family of Pietro De Ferrera, the Baron of Bonvehi, who gained the fief and the "villa" of Padria after the chasing away of the Doria da Monteleone, had his palace built on the hill, reconfirming its strategic importance.

The palace was built by the family of the Baron De Ferrera at the end of the 15th century when they became feudal overlords of the "villa" of Padria.

The remaining outer walls and the room dividing walls of the building are still standing. The structures were built on top of already existing buildings which the recent excavations have just revealed. The ring wall of the Baron's palace was put on top of the terracing wall that borders the plateau. It was built in the centre, in the critical point of the ancient urban net of the Roman Gurulis Vetus that probably was found in this site.


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